Server Installing

Server system installation on Unix, Linux, Windows operational systems.

• WEB server system

• VPN (OPENVPN, PPTP,..) server system

• Proxy Server system for controlling internet traffic

• Mail E-mail server system

• FTP server system for keeping and transferring files

• Firewall Security system

• Loading and setting up inventory, monitoring, archive and other server systems.


Security Service


Security system setup, design of networks, video surveillance, installation services of sound alarm systems, video cameras, DVR, GSM and other alarm systems








Free Help Desk


HelpDesk service is created for our customers, and all other users for solving their issues in quick manner. This service is very easy to use. You only need to click on the HelpDesk button, which is located on the right side of our website and fill out information about your problem. Our specialists are available 24/7 and they will solve your problems very quickly.






IT Outsourcing


Maintenance of computers is crucial problem for any organization. If you are company is small or medium sized with few computers, it will be worthy to outsource IT services, instead of keeping full-time specialist at your office, as the cost will be extremely high. In case of cooperation with our company, you will not have to register the employee (as s/he is already registered at our company), pay taxes, etc. Our specialist will visit you company whenever it is necessary, solve the existing problems, and the cost will be incomparably low than keeping full-time employee or IT department.




Network Design


Design and installation of local and wireless (Wi-Fi) networks, installation of internal telephone networks, video observing systems, cameras and audio systems.








VoIP systems


Through VoIP system the sound and calls can be transmitted via IP networks. Nowadays the main interest regarding the VoIP system is due to international calls – it is possible to make international calls at the lowest local rate. VoIP system provides opportunity of communication within the branches and departments of the company free of charge. You can also save around 60% when calling to local mobile operators. With VoIP system you can record, transmit, monitor all incoming and outgoing calls and it also has reporting system.



Cartridge Refilling

In addition, we offer cartridge refilling services for all types of cartridges. High quality is guaranteed.  











Online Marketing Services


 For convenience of its customers, “IT SYSTEMS” offers full package of online marketing services along with its other IT services which is enhanced at increasing the traffic on your social networks, website, etc. Thanks to this “IT SYSTEMS” contributes to the development and promotion of sales of your products and services. Along with above mentioned services, the company also offer SEO optimization, SMM, content marketing, context ads, management of social networks, etc.