About us

The team of «IT Systems» consists of ambitious and creative people. Our mission is to increase the productivity of your company, decrease the costs and support your business in the process of globalization through introduction of high technologies.


«IT Systems» provides free consultation to its customers regarding purchase of new computers, installation of software, peripheral devices, it designs and installs local networks, sets up new hardware and does the configuration of new software.


Our company provides visiting specialists. This service is provided both to companies that have IT department and for those that don’t. Our high qualified specialists will help you solve unsolvable issues. Generally, it is possible to say that “IT SYSTEMS” allows you to cut the costs on computer maintenance and other services, and at the same time it helps you have more reliable and high quality IT system.  


Outsourcing highly skilled experts for solving issues that have arisen in your company is more efficient, compared to keeping separate IT department. Consider that the cost of high skilled 

staff for supporting working stations, local servers, office equipment and telephony is extremely high. Year by year the high tech technology becomes more complex, which means that you need to hire additional personal or train the existing specialists. In both cases the costs are tremendous. That is why for small and medium businesses the best solution is to outsource IT services using a company like “IT SYSTEMS”.